Getting a great client relationship manager (CRM) like Studio Ninja is a no-brainer (use code OL365 for ya discount). But using it's power properly, is another thing altogether.

I'd built what I thought was a really great photography workflow inside Studio Ninja, until Rick Liston (pictured) reached out and asked if i'd like to give his new venture, Wedding Workflows, a spin.



How these wedding workflows will change your life

Wedding Workflows is a meticulously detailed, thoughtfully built, complete client workflow made specifically for wedding photographers, by photo wizard Rick Liston. These workflows are built inside Studio Ninja (other CRM's coming soon I think), and take care of your client in ways you couldn't have imagined, from start to finish.

If you don't believe me, this is what my mate Sharne said to me over DM (shared with permission).

How these will change your couples lives

I don't know about you, but in my old workflow, my couples heard from me whenever i had a question, or remembered to say hello along their planning journey. Now, they still get that, but built into Wedding Workflows are a heap of reach-outs useful to your couple: sharing information about little planning tips along the way, relevant to them as a couple, and the specific part of their planning journey that they're at.

They hear from you - automatically - sharing information on styling, how to do ties, and all sorts of other stuff, at pre-planned intervals to their day that make the information timely and useful to them.


These workflows pay for themselves, and even if they were $2k i'd still maintain that they'll pay for themselves the first time one of your couples interacts with it.

How it all works

You reach out to Wedding Workflows, fill out their onboarding form, and they literally do the rest and install their workflows directly into your own version of Studio Ninja, ensuring it's customised to your own business.

Get your own wedding workflows

Wedding Workflows website: https://weddingworkflows.com/

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