Photographer branding 1:1 session


Considering a rebrand? Get the lowdown on what trends to avoid, and how to bring your own unique elements of your work and personality to life. Oli Sansom spent a decade in advertising and branding, and apart from being the first person silly enough to go and put skulls and death-metal in his wedding brand, is passionate about sharing the expansive world of branding possibilities to create market separation and a niche all of your own. Find out the right questions to ask of yourself and of your designer, and come out feeling confident of the direction you want to go in. See the details below for what is included. All prices are in $USD

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  • 45 minute zoom discovery session exploring where you want to go with your brand
  • Current and future brand audit
  • Audit document with recommendations on look and feel, styleboards
  • 45 minute post-audit zoom
  • Enter with a desire to rebrand yourself, and leave the exchange with a simple audit doc and recommendations on the direction to go for your branding


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