MOMONO Black and White Presets


MOMONO Presets are the black and white presets used by Briars Atlas. Monochrome presets. 5x black and white presets for Adobe Lightroom, including effects brushes used by Briars Atlas. MOMONO is also included for free inside the MESMERISE and MONOTONY! editing courses. All prices are in $USD

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A little info:

Monomo preset pack includes:

  • MOMONO 1 – Gentle Nostalgia: A nostalgic, full dynamic-range black and white preset
  • MOMONO 2 – Escher: Black and white preset with extra detail for documentary images
  • MOMONO 3 – Melbourne Black: Contrasty black and white preset
  • MOMONO 4 – Silk: A dreamy black and white preset with a soft glow
  • MOMONO 5 – Silhouette: An extreme-glow, high contrast preset suitable for silhouettes
  • SHADOWDODGER Brush: a signature brush to bring black and white images to their best
  • BringUp Brush: a modified brush tool for everyday dodging

Each preset has an A + B variety, so there is a low of high strength version of all presets.

That's radical, but get a load of this: