We wanted this platform to stand out and celebrate other folks in our industry. It's why we have the industries first user-generated free resource, MORSEL (head there to contribute something yourself).

So, we rounded up 25 of the strangest muthafoccaccias on the planet: extraordinarily eminent people & wedding photographers, captains of industry and most importantly good humans, and asked them how they insert "strange" into their workflow.

You can find all of their answers in depth for free in Strange Affirmations.

But for now Little Miss Sunshine, here's just #9steps to Certified Strange Approaches (TM, patent pending).

Jeremy Cowart

Jeremy Cowart Portrait

Change up our visual diet. Unfollow your entire genre of your industry and follow a different genre. Example: stop following wedding photographers and follow fashion or fine art photographers instead.'


Cara Mia

You can brainstorm five new things you want to try at every shoot you do. You'll constantly challenge yourself that way and put yourself out of your comfort zone—and in my experience that's where the magic happens.


Jonas Peterson


Lucia Braham

Anything, literally ANYTHING you wouldn't usually do. Walk backwards down the street to your coffee shop. You might see something strange with this different perspective.

Lucia Braham

Rick Liston

Rick Liston

Conversation with strangers is usually bound by commonality. You might not chat to someone in an elevator, but if they're wearing the same shirt, shit yeah, it's on. So broaden your perception of commonality, we're all a beautiful array of stardust, sharing a home on a pale blue dot flying through space in one among a hundred billion galaxies. So don't wait for the matching shirt and say 'hey'. Who knows what strange shit might come from it. Probably nothing. But you just might find yourself on your way to Morocco ready to discover your life's calling.


Cassie Sullivan

Cassie Sullivan Headshot

Strange things sustain our lifeline to a world full of energy and hope and excitement. They keep us curious about life beyond our perceptions of normal and keep us questioning our judgements, ultimately helping us grow into kinder, more interesting humans. Strange things are a portal to adventure, should we wish to notice them.


Brian Morrow

World needs strange things because there are powerful forces trying to homogenize and conform society. That sounds scary - because it is. It sounds kind of like conspiracy theory, but it's not. It's not some small group of shadowy smoking figures who make these plots. It is increasingly us. It is our culture, and it is fueled by the relentless brutality of consumerism. If everyone fit into a designated slot, then it would be a lot easier to make things to sell them. But then there are strange things. Strange people. Strange cultures moving like undercurrents through us all. When positioned as such, is it clear how important strange is?

Shark Pig


Strange depends on who you are and what you have lived. What's strange for me may not be strange at all for you. I think when we see (or feel or live) something new (strange) there's a bit of shock or surprise and that will probably makes us think and reconsider things, which leads to growth, and that is always good. So the world needs more strange because it simply makes us better humans.

Monika Frias

Whitney Chamberlin

Fart in public

(Thanks Whitney.)

Field Trip

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