What this is.

What this isnt.

Who you are.

In short...

A camp. A retreat. A meet. Gluten free (no wheat) (unless you want it, our caterer is amazebeans/balls/barley). A place to hide, a place to vibe, a space to revive. This is the best wedding photographer workshop you've never been to.

A photographer. 2 months in the game. 10 years in the game. A human. Sick of lockdown. Want a hoedown. Want to connect, reflect, learn, burn (firewood), and share creative community with a group of folks just like you.

Us talking at you all day (although we will be sharing some pearls). No time to play. An office. An orifice. "Content creation". How to optimise ur scale to eleven figures authentically. A Brett Sutton meet & greet (maybe next time).

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