What this isnt.

What this is.

Who you are.

In short...

Us talking at you all day (although we will be sharing some pearls). No time to play. An office. An orifice. "Content creation". How to optimise ur scale to eleven figures authentically. A Brett Sutton meet & greet (maybe next time).

A camp. A retreat. A meet. Gluten free (no wheat) (unless you want it, our caterer is amazebeans/balls/barley). A place to hide, a place to vibe, a space to revive. This is the best wedding photographer workshop you've never been to.

A photographer. 2 months in the game. 10 years in the game. A human. Sick of lockdown. Want a hoedown. Want to connect, reflect, learn, burn (firewood), and share creative community with a group of folks just like you.

(if you want)

Here's some things you might learn

Here's where we're staying.

It's the inimitable mid-century gem, Boyd baker house, located on 35 acres of heritage listed bushland. oh, and we're dropping some gourmet glamping tents around it in case you'd like to sleep either there or indoors. Please note the glamping tents are the majority and either will be assigned randomly.

How to see light. How to be light. How to grind coffee. How to love your clients. How to sleep in style. How to share, learn, grow. How to make cocktails at our closing soft jazz-lounge-bar gentle-party night (you heard nussing).

Here's who's doing some talking.

Here's how you'll feel DURING IT.

Eric Ronald and Oli Sansom will be running some informal panels on topics covering all things photography: what you get out of it will be up to you, but we'll ensure technique, creativity and business are all covered. It's a choose-your-own-adventure book in the form of a photography retreat. And even better - the week will be co-hosted by a couple of resident legends, to be announced in the coming days.

Limited places

We're capping the spots for this glorious mid-century soiree at around 30. And given the super low deposit required to book your spot ($500), they'll go like hotcakes on a 60s summer morning.

mind-bending panel discussions on all things photography and business.

Intentful tackling of some of your own creative and business needs

deep talks, renewed vitality, a break from everything you're told to expect and a fresh start to the busy season

free-time shooting sessions in the most spectacular surrounds of victoria

In case you're wondering, we're not just gonna be swanning around being fabulous in an incredible location (although that is part of it):

we'll be learning a few things.

Professional pixel-bakers, experience makers, and your guides for Snap Hoedown.

Oli Sansom

?? Coming soon

?? Coming soon

Eric Ronald


Co-Pilot 1

Co-Pilot 2


Yes, there's an elephant in the room. Didn't you know? It's called COVID-19, and it can go and eat a bag of basted badgers-balls. Are we crazy launching an in-person retreat with all this shit going on? Maybe. But with that craziness has come planning for fallbacks if we need to push the date back, and planning to ensure that YOU are protected, at all costs. Our aim is to have this incredible retreat happen at the earliest opportunity, while keeping in line with all of the requirements within our state.

So let's have a look at how that will play out:

What happens if the shit REALLY hits the fan?

In case you can't tell by now we're under no illusion that covid could screw this majestic quest entirely. Heaven forbid that happening, but if it does, we will refund every single person every single cent. Not only do we feel that is the right thing to do, but we've personally arranged this guarantee with each and every one of our partnering vendors so that the safety travels from end to end.

What happens if things go pear-shaped?

If we have had to push back the dates and you cannot make the new dates, both your booking fee, and your balance payment, are fully refundable. No questions asked (except for "how will you ever live with yourself for missing this").

Do I have to pay the entire fee at once?

No. A $500, fully-refundable deposit secures your spot. The remaining amount is due 7 days before we Hoedown for real.

What does our accommodation include?

Regardless of if you're indoors or glamping you'll have your own comfortable bed with a towel and everything you need for a good nights sleep. Bell tents will have two singles in each (or one shared queen on request) plus some other fun stuff like a rechargeable warm light USB lantern, cushion, chairs etc.

How much is it?

It's 1,650 for a luscious glamping tent or room. If you'd like the full Donald Draper experience and have some plush indoor digs, indoor rooms will also be available. Accomodation types will be randomly distributed and the rooms are as fab as the tents.

What's the food situation?

We have enlisted the skills of one of the most majestic caterers in the game to tantalise your tastebuds with a fully vego/vegan affair. We can cater to your every whim and desire, short of Icelandic Yak Souffle (Etc). But srsly, any dietaries, tell us.

What if COVID restrictions are slapped upon us?

We think we're now through those woods, but if we can’t run on the original set date we’ll keep pushing back week by week until we can. If you can no longer come because the new dates don’t line up we’ll refund you every cent, including your deposit. If it REALLY goes to shit and we can’t feasibly hoedown at all, we’ll refund everyone every cent. Promptly. No funny business, and importantly, we have ensured this with all of our suppliers for everyones safety.

What should I bring?

Clothes, toiletries, torch, camera, laptop. You know the deal. Bedding and towels are provided indoors and in the bell tents. Suitable footwear for exploring the surrounding bushland ain't gunna hurt. While it’s all catered you might like to bring some snacks for yourself for moments of unscheduled hunger (we'll have plenty on offer too). Alcohol will be provided, but you could also bring along your favourite poison. Oh yes, and throw in something fancy for your high-brow wrap up party.

Where are we staying?

We're staying at the iconic Boyd Baker House, deep in a stunning part of rural Victoria.

How are these sleeping arrangements going to work?

Everyone will be staying in very comfortable, modern rooms or glamping tents distributed throughout the property. Rooms will be bedrooms with a maximum of two single beds. If you’d like to share a room with someone, or share a queen bed, let us know and we’ll try our best to accomodate.

What are you doing to ensure this is a covid safe affair?

It's very important for everyone's safety that anyone who is not feeling well or showing any covid symptoms DOES NOT ATTEND. And don't worry, if you can't come last minute because you're under the weather we'll refund you the lot. Our caterer will be following the highest professional standards of hygiene.

And of course, it wouldn't be 2022 unless there was hand soap galore and hand sanitiser at every turn.

Can I book my own accomodation?

No. We ride together. We die together. Integral to the experience, yada yada.

How many participants will there be?

We're playing this by ear, but numbers are limited and will be capped at around 30 participants.

What if I don’t know anyone that’s coming?

Then Hoedown is for you. We actually have enlisted some of the best community-spirit builders for just this reason to hand-hold and be the brilliant glue that a fresh community needs. No kid will be left at the back of the bus. This will be the start of many new and beautiful friendships.

What are you doing to ensure this is a COVID safe affair?

QR code checkin and vax certificate required for entry, no exceptions. Sanitiser readily available.

Who can come?

Any photographer based anywhere in Australia who is permitted to travel to Victoria.

Will there be an after party?

Integral to any hoedown is a... hoedown. A wrap up party of sorts. However, leave your lasso and cowboy boots on the porch at home because we're going high-brow for this one. Think smokey jazz-bar vibes. Stay tuned - it will be something special.

Will there be opportunities to take photos?

A shared photo-taking experience will be integral, and folks will be encouraged to head off on their own quests either alone or in groups, an we will also be leading some mini quests. This is about resting and reviving with a dash of formalities. Yes, you will come out with some portfolio material.

How is the content structured?

We'll be using an interactive panel-format to communicate content, which will be tailored to all of the attendees specific wants and needs. This isn't you trying to filter through hundreds of notes after someone's talked at you all day: it's a curated, punchy learning format, tailored to YOU. Fluff free.

Are there any guest speakers?

Beyond our core team, you'll have the opportunity to contribute your wisdom, if you want, so the learning experience is more circular. We might be organising this thing, but we believe everyone has something unique to offer. So let's all share, learn, hug and sway.

Am I going to learn anything or is just a piss up?

All good things in moderation.

What’s being covered over the two days?

Each morning we will kick off via a loose panel session, with an impact-first mindset, to deliver the goods efficiently. And while Oli & Eric will be on the panel facilitating discussion, we’ll invite others to jam with us on topics if it’s their area of expertise. On the arvo of Day 1 & 2 we’ll have a chin wags/hot seat with Oli & Eric where we have the opportunity to deep dive into each of these rather peculiar human beings, along with the splendid genius of our co-hosts.


Dang. We sold out in less than two days! But, add your name to the waitlist. If someone can't make it, you'll be the first to know.