A feature on one brilliant stranger: here we feature New Zealand's Si Moore, one half of the fabulous Bayly & Moore.

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What's the strangest thing you've ever seen?

Holy fuck. So many options. Probably the time in a village in rural Tanzania when I saw a small child wheeled out on a trolley into the dirt square in the middle of a bunch of huts, straddling a whole cooked goat, as all of his family danced around him and he whirled a sombrero with embroidered unicorns on the brim around his head and sat up and down constantly as if he was riding the cooked goat like a bucking bronco. Quite strange. Actually, there was that time in Bosnia when we walked into the ruins of an old overgrown hotel in the mist in the forest outside of Sarajevo and a bunch of dudes carrying AK-47's rappelled down the dis-used lift shaft in front of us and got all Bosnia ASAP. Nah, I'm gonna go with the time in an apartment in NYC where Oli Sansom was sleeping on the couch and we were all supposed to be speaking at a photo workshop and I woke up to a note from Oli just saying 'Gone to LA, back tonight, cover for me.'

What's one of the stranger things you've ever done?

Ate a roadkill frog, cooked on a stick over a fire, when my ten year old bestie mate told me it was French AF. I was, also, ten.

The world needs strange things in it because...

A hunger for adventure, new territory, and new ideas is a key human trait - also called 'curiosity' - that has driven us since the every beginning to look around the next corner and respond to things outside of our experience in a way that moves everything forward. Strange is just another word for 'unknown', and the unknown is where everything lives that's bigger than me. And that sounds like quite a good place to visit.

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