A feature on one brilliant stranger: here we feature Lexi Heimdal, marketing manager of Junebug and Photobug Community.

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What's the strangest thing you've ever seen?

While traveling in Zurich, my mom and I unknowingly walked into a sex show that involved a 1m tall Eiffel Tower replica and a bottle of vodka that was passed through the audience to share. Talk about mother/daughter bonding!

What's one of the stranger things you've ever done?

I was on my way to a meeting and I stopped to get some food on the way. I was wearing white shorts and I didn’t want to stain them, so I took my shorts off to eat while I was driving. I got pulled over for speeding and had to explain why I looked so sus with a blanket of napkins covering my lap so as not to be exposed. But heyyyy, my shorts weren’t stained and I didn’t get the ticket 😛

The world needs strange things in it because...

Strange is what makes things feel endearing, interesting, and relatable. The world would be such a sad and boring place without a good heap of weird.

One simple strange thing we can do at any time

3-way video call two of your friends who don't know each other yet just to chat

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