A feature on one brilliant stranger: here we feature Cassie Sullivan, wedding photographer and exhibiting artist extraordinare based in Tasmania, Australia.

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What's the strangest thing you've ever seen?

My childhood movies were pretty strange. The Labyrinth made for excellent foundations on how to view life. An almost 40 year old David Bowie luring 16 year old Jennifer Connelly into his maze of Jim Henson worm, bird and beastie puppets became my base level 'normal' at the impressionable age of 5. I've never entirely overcome my fear of fireys or my penchant of anthropomorphising animals.

What's one of the stranger things you've ever done?

High-tailed it out of the Saudi Arabian desert whilst being chased by armed Bedouins, all in the pursuit of wedding photographs. At the time it was terrifying, now I look back on it and wonder how on earth my life lined up to generate that experience.

The world needs strange things in it because...

Strange things sustain our lifeline to a world full of energy and hope and excitement. They keep us curious about life beyond our perceptions of normal and keep us questioning our judgements, ultimately helping us grow into kinder, more interesting humans. Strange things are a portal to adventure, should we wish to notice them.

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